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Washing a comforter

Google “how to wash a comforter” and in the vast majority of cases, the subject matter expert will suggest you consider visiting your local laundromat.
Why? Large front loading commercial washers with extractors. Large dryers that dry thoroughly, especially important for down.
Is it worth possibly ruining your washer to save a few bucks? Probably not. After all, how often do you need to wash a comforter? Find an attended laundromat and take the plunge.


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How to clean a mystery stain

Do you have a stain and don’t know where it came from? Any mystery stain should be approached carefully. Here’s how:

  1. Avoid using hot water right away.
  2. Pretreat the stain and soak in cold water.
  3. Launder in cold water with detergent.
  4. If the stain is not removed, re-launder in warm water.
  5. If the stain is still not removed, then launder in hot water.

Wisdom from the folks at the Coin Laundry Association.

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Austin Green Business Leaders

Wash Day Laundry is proud to be a founder with the City of Austin’s Green Business Leaders program.  The premise of this program is to provide resources to bring awareness to the importance of sustainability.  The program offers resources to assist local businesses in assessing their “greenness”.  It is easy to sign up, and the participation from local businesses helps support Austin’s position as a green city.

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Why take up your valuable time doing laundry?

We offer several services:

Wash & fold: Too busy to spend hours washing laundry? Wash Day Laundry does the dirty work to free up your valuable time

Pick-up & delivery: With a $40 minimum order, Wash Day Laundry will pick-up and deliver your laundry and bedding throughout the Austin area

Load & leave: Start your machine(s), give your card/coins to the Attendant (along with a $5 charge), and we move everything to the dryer

Leave & fold:  Start your machine(s), give your card/coins to the Attendant, and we dry and fold your items

Self-Service Laundry: If you prefer washing your own laundry, try our new, modern and clean Laundromats in south Austin and Wimberley. Our Laundromats have large, commercial, energy-efficient washers and dryers.

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Laundry roles

Just curious.  Who does the laundry in your household?  Female head-of-household or male head-of-household? Or does it just depend on who has time?  Is laundry an assigned chore for one of the kids? (scary)

Do men and women do laundry differently?

How old do kids have to be in order to learn to do their own laundry?

We observe all kinds of different laundry techniques, from extreme to sloppy.  Some people sort various shades of a color into separate piles, and wash a single item in a machine.  Others jam everything into a huge machine.

We try to encourage moderation.  People seem to feel quite strongly about how laundry should be done.  Interesting.


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“Best” of Austin

We are very excited to have won the Austin Chronicle's People's Choice Award for 2011 for Best Laundromat.
This is our third year in business and our third time winning this recognition. Ironically enough, we now
also have three locations!
So it makes me reflect on the significance of this honor.  As a small business, we are very aware of the
value of good PR.
We are incredibly proud of this recognition for many reasons: it is a boost to our employees to feel part
of something significant; we (the owners) feel as though we are doing it right (much of the time); but most
of all, this buoys our belief in our vision of running an environmentally responsible business that is an
asset to the community.  Because this recognition comes from that very community that our business revolves
So we are humble, grateful, and once again excited about continuing to look for ways to improve and grow.
Thank you, Austin. We won't let you down.
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Keeping your whites white

Have you noticed your whites turning gray or dull?  Have you ever wondered how to bring your clothing to its original bright white color?  Try these tips in your home washer:

* Run the wash cycle on your machine using vinegar to break down and soap scum/residue that may be clogging the washer holes

* Don’t overload. Detergent loosens soil from fabrics and the washer needs enough room for agitation so the dirt will wash away, rather than re-depositing in the garments

* Do not use chlorine bleach.  Use a hydrogen peroxide-based whitener such as Oxy Clean.  Bleach removes color, not stains.  A peroxide-based whitener actually removes the stain and revives the white color.

If your white garments have that dull gray look, remember to tell the Attendant when you drop off clothing for wash and fold service.


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Pet Stains

Pet stains are almost impossible to avoid.  Cold weather…full moon…revenge…

Here are some tips to make the best of a bad situation:

* Take immediate action

* Blot the stain

* Do NOT pre-treat

* Do NOT wash, dry or have dry cleaned

* Take the item to a professional Laundromat, point out the stain, and explain what it is.  Special enzymes are used to break down the stain(s).

The item(s) must be washable or you should be willing to sign a waiver.

Pet stains are better left to the professionals!

"Cat on a hot tile roof"

Mazeltov on the roof

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What does it cost to oursource laundry?

Remember the first time you hired a housekeeper?  I debated the pros and cons for months.  My mother kept our home spotless, but she was a “stay at home” Mom, and I worked.  So I tried to do it all, work, travel, and raise kids, as did many women of my generation.  Then one day a friend asked what day my housekeeper came, assuming I had one, and I realized that it was okay to hire someone–it was now the thing to do for working Moms.  Now I can’t imagine going without regular professional housekeeping.

My first housekeeper also did the laundry.  All I had to do was put it away.  What a luxury!  I’m sure many people wonder what it would cost to have someone else do their laundry each week.  So here’s a quick way to calculate outsourcing your laundry for a family of four:

On average, a family of four will wear approximately 20 pairs of pants or shorts and 30 shirts or blouses.  Add in socks, underwear, plus a few miscellaneous items: towels, sheets, swimsuits and a sweatshirt or two. 

It’s been our experience that all this weighs about 45 lbs.  Our special website coupons offer a price of .99/lb.  That’s about $45 for a week’s worth of laundry, washed, folded and ready to put away.  

How much is your time worth?  It takes almost 2 hours per load to wash, dry and fold at home, plus you have to stick around the house to take everything out of the dryer so it won’t wrinkle.  Let’s assume you earn $20/hour.  That’s $40 of your time to do just ONE load! Plus the cost of detergent, softener, dryer sheets.  Consider the water you will save.

Our motto is “Four minutes to do your laundry.  Two minutes to drop it off; two minutes to pick it up.”  That about sums it up.  Consider outsourcing your laundry.  If it isn’t affordable each week, remember those special occasions when you just want a break!

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What exactly is Wash & Fold Laundry Service?

What exactly is “wash & fold”? It is a three-step process: first we wash your clothing in warm water, unless you specify otherwise.  Then we move everything to the dryer where your laundry dries for 35-42 minutes depending on the type of fabric. And finally, after your laundry is dry, we hang everything over a rack to minimize wrinkles, then begin folding.
Folding is an art. We use a stencil so that everything comes out the same size, just the way you see clothing neatly stacked at retail stores.
If you have items that are stained, please show the attendant the location and type of stain so we can pre-treat appropriately.  Also let the attendant know about any special requests. Some customers request that we hang-dry certain items (we often use our judgment, too).
Children’s clothing can be challenging, but we do our best to keep like-items together and sorted.
Ideally, all the women’s clothing ends up together, and visa versa with the mens’ clothing, although it can sometimes be difficult to determine what belongs to whom.  If you sort your clothing prior to drop-off and request that it be folded accordingly, then everything will be returned to you in order, making it much easier to put away.
We try to “make it pretty” by keeping all towels that are the same color together.
Once everything is folded, we place your laundry in bags, tie the bag shut and label it, then attach a printed ticket. We are happy to hang items at your request.  There is no additional charge as long as you provide the hangers. Since our store is computerized, we enter the location of the items and the number of items and place everything in storage.

Just a reminder that we also offer pressing and chemical-free dry cleaning.  We are your one stop shop for everything related to cleaning your clothing.

Our regular wash & fold price is $1.15/lb (our Monday special offer is .99/lb). If you take part in our “pre-paid” program, your wash & fold price is .99/lb any day of the week. There is a 10/lb minimum charge.
We also do pick-up & delivery for $1.75/lb – what a great gift idea for someone recovering from an illness or for anyone who cannot drive.
So simplify your life by trying us out! We want to make your laundry experience unforgettable!

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