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An asset to the community

Small locally owned businesses are the backbone of our communities.  We all need access to basic services such as restaurants, libraries, hospitals, churches, schools, day care, pet services, grocery stores, garages for automotive repair, and pharmacies.  We believe that a laundromat is a basic community necessity.  For those of us who own washers and dryers at home, laundromats are something we don’t think about until one of our machines break down.  If we’re lucky, the repairs are completed within a week.  In most cases, we are not that lucky, and we need to seek out a laundromat, which we may not have visited since college days.

Many families live in areas where they do not have an onsite washer and dryer or perhaps the one they share is not adequate for large items, or it may be busy all the time.  Then a laundromat becomes a very vital part of their week.

We want to provide an environment that is friendly, clean, efficient, helpful, and convenient.  So we always have an attendant, we offer free WiFi, we are open every day from 7 am – 9 pm, and we have an array of services to choose from.

We believe that a laundromat is a community necessity, and we like to think that our three laundromats are an asset to the communities they serve.

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Suds 101

Our customers become upset if they don’t see lots of suds in their wash, and believe that adding more detergent is the solution.  Here is expert advise about suds — do suds equal cleaning power?

The right detergent makes a difference.

About 85 percent of people with front-loading washers use the wrong detergent, according to a study by Procter & Gamble. All front-loading washers are considered high-efficiency (HE) machines because they use less water and electricity, so they require a special HE detergent that generates less suds. (The major detergent brands now offer HE versions.) According to the Soap and Detergent Association, “HE detergents are formulated to be low-sudsing and quick-dispersing to get the best cleaning performance with HE washers.”

Our laundromats have only front-loading high efficiency equipment.  Use the correct detergent, not larger quantities of the wrong detergent.

ImageLess suds equals better cleaning.

“There’s a common misconception that suds do the cleaning,” says Lucinda Ottusch, senior home economist for the Whirlpool Institute of Fabric Science. But excess suds actually inhibit proper cleaning because they hold the soil in the water and redeposit it on clothes, rather than help it rinse away. Don’t use more than soap manufacturers recommend, and if you have a lightly soiled load, use less.

We have six smaller (2 load) Maytag washers called Neptunes at our Oak Hill store.  The “normal” wash cycle takes 36 minutes, but if too much detergent is used, the machine continues to rinse.  The cycle often lasts an additional 20 minutes, while showing 1 minute left on the display.  They are quirky machines, but the point is that almost everyone overuses detergent.

Even if you are a skeptic, try changing to the correct type of detergent for the machine you will be using; follow the instruction on the bottle, and don’t equate suds with cleaning power.

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How to clean a mystery stain

Do you have a stain and don’t know where it came from? Any mystery stain should be approached carefully. Here’s how:

  1. Avoid using hot water right away.
  2. Pretreat the stain and soak in cold water.
  3. Launder in cold water with detergent.
  4. If the stain is not removed, re-launder in warm water.
  5. If the stain is still not removed, then launder in hot water.

Wisdom from the folks at the Coin Laundry Association.

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Austin Green Business Leaders

Wash Day Laundry is proud to be a founder with the City of Austin’s Green Business Leaders program.  The premise of this program is to provide resources to bring awareness to the importance of sustainability.  The program offers resources to assist local businesses in assessing their “greenness”.  It is easy to sign up, and the participation from local businesses helps support Austin’s position as a green city.

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Founders Day, Dripping Springs TX

Founder’s Day starts Friday night with a small town parade.  It’s a great event, attended by the entire community.  There are 75 or so floats creatively assembled by local businesses.  The Mayor, police, paramedics and firefighters are there.  There are always a few floats led by animals, and plenty of floats piled high with excited schoolchildren. Strains of various types of music drift through the air.  Each year has a different  theme, and the judges award trophies to the top three winners.  Children are tightly squeezed into the front row of spectators, hoping to catch candy or other goodies being thrown from the floats.  Orange-vested adults march alongside, keeping a watchful eye for overly eager children along the mile plus parade route.

I wonder how many Americans have been able to enjoy this relic of our past.  It is a tribute to the fine community of Dripping Springs that this tradition continues.  May we have another safe and enjoyable parade this weekend.

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Why take up your valuable time doing laundry?

We offer several services:

Wash & fold: Too busy to spend hours washing laundry? Wash Day Laundry does the dirty work to free up your valuable time

Pick-up & delivery: With a $40 minimum order, Wash Day Laundry will pick-up and deliver your laundry and bedding throughout the Austin area

Load & leave: Start your machine(s), give your card/coins to the Attendant (along with a $5 charge), and we move everything to the dryer

Leave & fold:  Start your machine(s), give your card/coins to the Attendant, and we dry and fold your items

Self-Service Laundry: If you prefer washing your own laundry, try our new, modern and clean Laundromats in south Austin and Wimberley. Our Laundromats have large, commercial, energy-efficient washers and dryers.

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Don’t stop the dryer!

It should take 35 minutes for an average load of clothes to dry.  BUT, if you open the dryer during the cycle, the machine cools down and then has to restart, which costs you at least a couple of minutes.  So if you open the dryer twice during the 35 minutes, you might lose up to 5 minutes or a fair percentage of your initial time.  It is like baking a cake – LEAVE THE DOOR CLOSED.  If an item needs just a quick dry, hang it up instead.  And expect to need a longer drying time if you have towels and jeans in the load.

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Laundry roles

Just curious.  Who does the laundry in your household?  Female head-of-household or male head-of-household? Or does it just depend on who has time?  Is laundry an assigned chore for one of the kids? (scary)

Do men and women do laundry differently?

How old do kids have to be in order to learn to do their own laundry?

We observe all kinds of different laundry techniques, from extreme to sloppy.  Some people sort various shades of a color into separate piles, and wash a single item in a machine.  Others jam everything into a huge machine.

We try to encourage moderation.  People seem to feel quite strongly about how laundry should be done.  Interesting.


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Pet Stains

Pet stains are almost impossible to avoid.  Cold weather…full moon…revenge…

Here are some tips to make the best of a bad situation:

* Take immediate action

* Blot the stain

* Do NOT pre-treat

* Do NOT wash, dry or have dry cleaned

* Take the item to a professional Laundromat, point out the stain, and explain what it is.  Special enzymes are used to break down the stain(s).

The item(s) must be washable or you should be willing to sign a waiver.

Pet stains are better left to the professionals!

"Cat on a hot tile roof"

Mazeltov on the roof

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Laundromats and Water Conservation

During 2010 Wash Day Laundry in Austin, Texas, used approximately 1.2 million gallons of water. The good news is that we saved the community just over 1 million gallons of water.
One of the advantages of using a Laundromat, besides saving you time, is that the new high-efficiency commercial laundry equipment uses about 45% less water than home washers or equipment in older Laundromats.
Our mission is to be environmentally responsible, and water is a precious resource. Help us get the word out.  If you know anyone who needs to use a Laundromat, encourage them to choose one with newer equipment.

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